The worst tendencies of health until 2013

We are committed at the end of the year 2013 must learn important things during the year, passing reviewed news and 
major events, whether professional or social, health or even scientific, aesthetic and other events that took place, it can 
move with us in the new year, in this article, we present habitsattitudes that do not want to partner with us in the new 
year and the worst tendencies of health for 2013:
Use mathematical tools that work with vibration, like it does move the muscle properly.
Sitting for long hours in the sauna to lose weight causes fatigue and exhaustion.
Gluten-free diet without medical reason because you will lose a number of nutrients.
Use heat, sweating, dry.
Correcting vision LASIK technology to remove a layer of the cornea.
Prolonged fasting food, carrying the tired body and the unconscious.
The proliferation of cafes in sports clubs that women paid for more exercise after eating.
Use the electronic cigarette instead of regular cigarettes which also research has shown that it is harmful to health.


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