Advantages Of Using Soy Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

By Esther Dorn

As much as people have relied so much on soy products to reduce their body weight, the products have also been associated with certain side effects which consumers must be aware of before using them. Below are the side effects of using Soy Products For Weight Loss.

These shakes normally come in different types which may include milk, powder, eggs, rice, whey, soy and casein. However, no matter which form one takes it they will achieve and get nutritional value in their bodies. This is because soy plant has been known to provide the body with proteins and amino acids which are essential to the body.

Another most commonly used powder is the soybean powder. The powder is plant based protein which is made from grinding soy beans. These products are rich in amino acids which are essential in our bodies. Like whey shake, soy powder contributes a lot when it comes to muscle growth. However the product is rich in chemical constituent called isoflavones which helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. On the other hand when consumed in the right quantity, daily soy powder has been successfully used to reduce belly fat on overweight men and women.

Soy basically is known for building strong body muscles, however when consumed in adequate amount the products can spike blood sugar levels which lead to more cravings. This helps reduce excessive consumption of food thus reducing the quantity as well as maintaining a healthy body. During strenuous activities, there are chances of increased burning of calories. Consuming a lot of this substance without doing enough exercise will lead to reduced muscle mass since the body uses the required lean tissue to fuel itself.

The product has also been associated with hormonal imbalances in both men and women. When men consume soy protein mixture in large amounts, their level of estrogen goes up. This simply lowers the levels of testosterone which in turn lowers the fertility rate.

Due to high concentration of estrogen, soy usually increase the cholesterol levels in the body. This in turn leads to heart attacks and increased blood sugar levels. Consuming high amounts of proteins especially soy can lower the immune system due to the fact that the product inhibits absorption of minerals to the body. Deficiency of minerals like calcium can lead to weak joints and bone fractures. Also having low levels of zinc can expose one to high anxiety levels which are hard to manage.

Usually the protein in this mixture is not the one that helps reduce fat content but rather helps one reduce their quantity of food intake. This is how the soy shakes usually achieve their purpose. On the other hand, apart from weight loss soy mixture has been used to reduce menopause symptoms in women.

If action is not taken, continued use of soy can increase the level of estrogen thus increasing ones chances of having acute acne. One may think that they are doing well to their bodies by consuming these shakes but instead they are exposing themselves to more health risks. That is why it is always recommended to seek advice to avoid these effects which put our bodies to high risks of contracting more diseases.

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