How Does Stress Eating Cause Weight Gain

By James Spann

Emotional eating refers to taking food with a view it will sooth or reduce your negative feelings. Some of these emotions may include sadness, anger, boredom, stress, fear and loneliness. The daily events that humans participate in can trigger these emotions and result into stress eating among other effects.

There are many other reasons why people eat apart from hunger. Some people take food to seek comfort while other do so to obtain emotional relief. Taking food to cope with difficulties does not help at all solve the situation; it makes the situation get worse. It does not solve any issue, in fact after one has eaten the situation remains the same and one feels bad for overeating. It is vital for people to know what causes stressful situations to help avoid unnecessary food cravings and overeating.

When food is used as a reward or to celebrate is not bad. However, if people take it with a view it will help them cope with a situation or bring emotional relief is wrong. One of the best ways to know that you are taking food because of difficulties is the habit of turning to food every time you are going through a challenging moment. Boredom, fatigue and loneliness can cause one turn to food. This habit is not healthy and often frustrates effort to reduce on weight which is a major trend today.

Taking food to overcome emotions will never work for anyone. One may enjoy it but the situation that evoked the negative emotions will still remain or even get worse. After taking it one feels bad than before; they feel bad that they have added calories and also overpowered by their eating habits. Often the end result is a feeling of guilty due to reckless eating and lack of will power to deal with their situation.

Emotional eating is the main challenge affecting weight loss efforts in many people. It is vital that people cultivate good ways of dealing with their problems. This so because most of the times when people lack a way out of situations they take food to seek for relief. Majority of people who do these often find themselves in problems of weight gain. At the end one feels powerless, defeated and cannot manage their eating patterns anymore.

While research on nutrition seems to be developing each day, it is clear that many people are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and keep fit. This is a challenge because even if most people know the kind of food they should take, there are many other factors that affect the type and amount they consume.

There is a connection between ability to solve problems and consumption habits. When people are not to solve their issues they may turn to food which leads to weight gain. Putting one on diet at times may not be successful because the assumption is lack of nutrition knowledge is the only cause of weight issues which is not true. Nutritional knowledge alone may not work especially when one is going through emotional challenges.

There are three main tips one can employ to stop emotional eating. These include physical exercise which helps brighten moods. Again ensure that every day you set time for relaxation at least thirty minutes. Also make sure you connect with people, close relationships are important.

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